Negative / export breaks the graphs


I recently got solar connected to my property, I immediately noticed it makes the Bright app far less useful, as the graphs+cost all go negative as your feeding power to the grid.

Ie a graph would normally say 10kwh today, it now says 1kwh used due to 18kwh was exported, but thats not true as I pulled 3kwh from the grid and the remainder was 7kwh of solar usage.

I think the app should ignore negative values and the graph should show consumed from grid electricity, as otherwise the daily graph of usage would show negative numbers, but your actually using severl kwh from grid.


  • I’ve had solar for a while and the app worked great at showing how much the daily cost was but today I received the IHD and have noticed the same thing. I’m pretty sure it logs exported (solar not used and sent to the grid) and imported (when it draws power from the grid when solar isn’t enough) so the app needs to ignore the exported negative amounts when adding up the amount used.

    It would be good if they still showed the negative amount on the breakdowns because you can see how much you exported but then just treat any negative as 0 calculating cost and daily use etc

  • I totally agree with this. Solar does make the app a bit pointless as the IHD does correctly show what you have imported. Unfortunately that information does not feed into the app until the next day.

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