maybe outage 27/03/2022

Is the an outage this morning 27/03/2022?

The app has stopped working and the api is just returning error 500s


  • I’m getting the same on Monday 28th March.

    repeatedly get 500 error when asking for tariff data.

    Has worked fine for months

  • Same here. App says "Glow display SMETS 2 does not have internet"

  • Same here.

    I’ve modified my scripts to retry the api for longer with exponential backoff and this seems to have partially mitigated the issue, but the app is currently not working at all.

  • Yep, I'm getting the same, no app or MQTT data

  • edited March 2022

    Am also getting the “Glow display SMETS 2 does not have internet” … have spent 10 minutes fiddling around with the IHD and scratching my head as it looks like it’s happily connected to both the HAN and the internet.

    My last data sent/displayed was about 20:30

  • I have similar issue. Bright App, API & MQTT not providing any updated data since 18:01:22 and MQTT is just reporting PINGRESP. Have reset IHD and not working. IHD says it's talking to the net and HAN.

  • I think this has been coming for a few days. I sent a message to support last Friday and it all seems to have progressively got worse. The Bright app today has been horrendous to use and see stats

  • Only just noticed problem in app, but have been receiving MQTT data fine in Home Assistant up until 7pm today (28th March) when it just stops

  • Mine hasn't communicated any data since 28/03/22 8:02:41pm. Rebooted IHD, and everything is fully connected so I can only assume the problem is server side.

  • Exactly the same, had no updated MQTT or app data since 8.02pm last night

  • I’m still able to pull data from the api (with sufficient retries), but there is no consumption data after around 1900 +0100 20220328. IHD connected to both meters and internet and showing instantaneous usage.

    The 500 error response from the api “An has occurred” is not particularly helpful.

  • Oh thats interesting, I've just had an issue too with the Bright App showing the Glow Display doesn't have internet when its clearly connected to the WiFi with no issues. Also the MQTT feed into my Homeassistant has died.

    I've submitted a support request

  • I am also seeing an outage in the Bright App and mqtt feed. Both are disconnected. The CAD itself is reporting the WiFi connection as fine.

  • Well at least it isn't just something I did, I've only had it a few days, is it normally like this?

  • No, it's normally very reliable. Most issues are local (i.e issue with your network or IHD/CAD to far from meter, etc), "Very" occasionally the issue is at the server side. This service is free, so we can't expect 5 9's availability, but the team at Hildebrand do their very best to provide a high level of availability...

  • Just a "me too" message to say I'm down too.

  • Yep, it appears they're down - this is a little different to the previous outages in that everything appears to be working and even their OpenResty server responds with an OK code. I sent an email to support too, so I'm sure they're aware. I've diverted the data so I can use it locally instead for now......

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