Bright App takes minutes to populate front screen fields

This situation (to the best of my knowledge) started happening at about 8.00am Saturday 26th March 2922 and is continuing as of date/time of this post Monday 28th March. I am using standard ‘DCC Sourced’ mode to inspect my meters (like a lot of us I guess…..)


  • Same here, may be worth contacting support just in case they don't know about the issue.

  • I received this message after I sent a query to support about the app yesterday:

    "Thanks for getting in touch - one of our core databases is running slowly at the moment. The Operations team are on the case and hopefully we'll be back to normal soon."

    They still haven't fixed it yet, I guess.

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for this…No they haven’t resolved it yet (as at the date/time of this post to you - 29 Mar 2022 @ 10am..) but they must still be working on it as they say !


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