Switched tariff. Bright app and IHD haven't caught up ...

Today I abandoned the Agile experiment and switched to Go (04:30 to 00:30 @ 15.59p, 00:30 to 04:30 @ 5p).

What runes, spells or potions do I need to cast to get the Bright app on my phone and my IHD to catch up with the new tariff from Octopus?

It's all showing OK on the Octopus website and the Octopus Watch app.


  • @clivee @janeatglow my IHD still isn't showing the Octopus Go tariff, what do I do next?

  • Is this product still supported? Surprised by the lack of response on these messages.

  • This is a self help forum

    If you have an issue please raise a ticket at


  • To reinforce Clive's comment - the product is definitely supported but we are a small team and have never said that we use our forum to deliver customer service. Please email us at support and we do our utmost to reply within 24 hours and resolve ASAP.

    The other reason to mail support @pau1phi11ips is that then we have your details, Bright account, etc. and are able to deal with the question without asking you to share Personally Identifiable Information in a public forum.

    Thank you from Jane who runs the Customer Service team (and, due to Covid, delivers it). 😊

  • @Dougie - sorry as I hadn't had an alert that you'd asked a question.

    For Agile, as we say when we set it up for you (but appreciate it gets forgotten) - you have to ask us to set it up, and you have to tell us when you come off it. We have NO integration with Octopus' systems and therefore have no way of knowing when you come off the tariff unless you tell us because Octopus do not set it on the meter.

    As usual, please email support@glowmarkt.com from your Bright account and it takes us all of seconds to remove Agile - what can take longer is your supplier setting your new tariff on your meters - other than Agile, what is on the meters is our only source of truth.

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