New Export MPAN


I’ve had a Glow IHD working perfectly for the last year.

We’ve now had a solar PV & battery system installed and am in the process of getting electricity export set up on the smart meter by Octopus. Via the Octopus API I see a new electricity MPAN as appeared. I assume this is for export metering.

In the Glow MQTT electricity message I see the export data still showing as 0 and import continues to be shown against the pre existing MPAN. Makes sense whilst things are still being setup.

My question: do I need to do anything in the Bright app to enable the new MPAN or will it happen automatically?



{"electricitymeter":{"timestamp":"2023-04-29T10:09:59Z","energy":{"export":{"cumulative":0.000,"units":"kWh"},"import":{"cumulative":5720.844,"day":5.286,"week":7.637,"month":113.510,"units":"kWh","mpan":"REDACTED","supplier":"Octopus Energy","price":{"unitrate":0.32560,"standingcharge":0.57330}}},"power":{"value":0.014,"units":"kW"}}}


  • Have you resolved as in same position though new MPAN not yet received as still in process of export being set up (Octopus)?

    Thank you.

  • hi - has this been resolved?

    Is a second MPAN needed for the smart meter - so the actual export readings can be made available to download?

    Cheers M.

  • Bright, Glow IHD does not support export at the moment. If you're lucky you may get a real-time export reading but no historic data.

  • You can calculate the export from the Glow IHD stuff.

    I'm doing that with my simple Arduino sketch that displays the current "meterReading/out/elec" from my Glowmarkt IHD on a simple LED strip. I'll put the latest code on github at

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