Cloud MQTT and Home Assistant

Hi, I'm trying to use the cloud base MQTT and integrate it into home assistant using Mosquitto broker. I don't have a CAD so can't use the local MQTT function, so I have asked Glow to enable MQTT on my account via the cloud, but I cannot get the data into HA. Does anyone have an idiots guide to the process. I've got a custom folder set up in HA and got Mosquitto reading it, but I'm not sure of the conf file details I need to add to receive the data. I don't have any errors showing in Mosquitto, but the data is not being pulled.

I have been using the Glow API to get half hourly readings, but that has now failed and the data sits at 0.02 kWh all the time. I have a glow stick and can read the data live via the glow app on my phone so I now its getting the data from my meter.


  • I remember having a lot of difficulty originally which turned out to be something really dumb, perhaps something to do with TLS and/or the certificate. I've got Node-Red subscribed to my Glow account and pushing into my Mosquitto broker and subsequently into MySQL.

    What helped a lot was to use MQTT Explorer to test their broker and get the certificate right, and then later to see what was getting into my MQTT broker.

  • Thanks John, I've got it working with MQTT explorer, receiving the data every 10 seconds, but can't seem to get the conf file text correct to get the data into Mosquitto

  • Is this a conf file in HA? I'm not using HA but node-red and once I'd got it working in MQTT Explorer it was a matter of figuring out which certificate to upload into where in the node-red MQTT client. That probably doesn't help you. Sorry.

  • This is the config I used to use, I use EMQX as my broker now.

    connection glowmqtt


    remote_username redacted

    remote_password redacted

    topic SMART/HILD/redacted in 0

    bridge_capath /etc/ssl/certs/

    local_clientid m1hassioglow

    remote_clientid houseglow

  • That said, when I added an extra CAD to my glow account, it broke this MQTT and they've been unable to fix it, so I've had to resort to hitting the Glow restapi every few seconds.

  • Thanks Roger, I'm afraid still no joy using Mosquitto

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