landis+gyr e470 incorrect today / week/ month electricity kwh


Has anyone managed to get there meter firmware updated. I have checked my BG IHD and I'm getting low readings. I have just ordered a glow IHD with local MQTT and assume I will get the same readings. My meter firmware is 38040106. I have called BG and been told they currently don't have the capability to upgrade firmware! I found this post from Janeat. See below.

" JaneatGlow

July 2022

HI @PhilG57 - sorry for the delay as I haven't checked the forums for a while. Is your electricity meter L&G? From speaking to L&G and Igloo (when they were in business) we learnt there is a known bug on this meter which results in extremely low day/week/month consumption values, this is what the customer is seeing. The values are 1000 times lower than they should be which is why they seem to not appear at all.

L&G have advised that this is fixed in firmware version 38040202. If yours isn't that version (or later) you need to ask your supplier to have your meter firmware updated.

You can find this information in Bright / Settings / Consent & meter management / Meters - go to the detail on your MPAN."

Is this something glow can update as they also have accses to the meters or has anyone managed to get there energy supplier to update the firmware or am I stuck with incorrect reading?



  • Hi @tmh88 - the "good" news is that you aren't the only British Gas customer who has been told that the firmware can't be updated, one even escalated to the regulator about this. We used some 'back channels' for the customer (we can't say where, not within BG) - and are hoping that BG are now working on making the updates.

    You asked whether we can do the meter updates; as a DCC Other User (our role in the smart metering ecosystem) we have NO ability to write to anything - only suppliers can update meter firmware as far as we understand it.

  • i had a smart meter installed by British Gas on Thursday 3rd August 2023 and it has firmware version 38040106 so no progress

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