BST or Other Problem?

Has anyone else noticed price differences between the Bright App and the CAD when there’s heavy draw on or around midnight.

Cost today example: CAD £1.81, App £2.75, Home Assistant £2.51 (lags behind until current hour completed)

I was charging my EV between midnight and 2am

£0.94 difference is 7kW for 1 hour at the Agile Rate of 13p per kWh give or take normal household use at that time.

Just wondering if somehow there are some UTC/BST coding differences between the App and CAD.

The week figures don’t match either, but the Curren Month in the App is the same as the CAD at £1.81 which clearly doesn’t match the daily figure of £2.74 on the first of the month.


  • Just me with this problem I guess.

  • Hi @SteveMilner - your meter stays in UTC and Bright presents the data in the timezone of the device which it has been installed on (so if you were abroad in a different timezone and your phone was set to that time, that is what you'd see time wise).

    The underlying data is all stored in UTC.

    On the other hand, one of our colleagues has, in the past, identified that their display was still reporting in UTC post the clock change (the display has no intelligence, it just reports the meter readings). He stayed up until 0100, took photos to evidence that the display was not re-setting the "day" until 0100, sent that to his supplier and they did something (we've no idea what) and that got the display back to aligning with BST.

    Do drop a line to if there are other discrepancies that are of concern.

    btw, if you swap Bright to UTC does it match the Display?

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