Octopus Agile Standing Charge Incorrect

The app shows 21p per day.

My Tariff is 47.9p per day

My Agile Home Assistant has correctly grabbed 47.9p per day so the API calls must differ between generic and the ones done by using the API key for my Octopus account.

How does the App determine the Tariff Code for my meter?

Im wondering if the App is using a different tariff code when making the API call.

My Tariff is November 2022 v1 but I’m not sure how to find the code on the Octopus Website.

I also can’t find the standing charge for Agile on the CAD nor the Tariff Code.


  • Late response, but the App shows what is programmed into the meter, it makes no use of the Octopus API, so if it's showing a wrong value then you need to get Octopus to resend your tariff to the meter. You can confirm this by looking at the IHD or directly on the meter.

  • I have just taken a look at the meter and it shows the correct standing charge of 47.9p per day.

    I have had the Octopus Agile enabled on both the app and the CAD - I'm assuming the 30 minutes rates are being downloaded via an API call to Octopus. I'm assuming that since the meter has the correct rate, that API call is also grabbing a standing charge rate as well.

    This is why I'm thinking that somehow the API calls differ between the one my Home Assistant integration is using, which requires me to give an API key and the API call done by the App/CAD.

  • Sounds like an email to support..l

  • I did.

    They are working on a fix.

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