Glow won’t connect to smart meter

Hi I have plugged in the glow ihd and connected it to Wi-Fi network with no problems

I have had it plugged in for days close to the electric meter but unit still says finding your smart meter and won’t work!

i have e mailed customer support but still not working

can anyone help?




  • I having similar issues, not connecting to smart meter

  • My new SMETS1 CAD arrived today. WiFi connected. Searching for meters. Emailed support. Awaiting reply.

    It's perhaps worth noting that I've been using Bright without their CAD for several months, so my account is up and running. It's just the CAD that isn't doing anything.

  • I'm having the same issue. My SMETS1 CAD arrived this morning, connected to WIFI fine, set up MQTT ok too, moved the CAD closer to the meters, but it's been "searching for meters" for 7 hours with no joy.

    I've sent an email to the support team already, but has anyone actually found a fix to this? it's very frustrating!

  • I left my new CAD just outside the meter cupboard overnight and this morning it was connected and showing data. I don't know whether support did anything to kick it into gear - I have not received a reply to my email (yet) - or if it was just a matter of being patient.

  • Same here.....unit arrived on Sunday, been 'searching' ever since (Its Wednesday)

    Awaiting support to get back to me :-(

  • FWIW I did hear back from support within 24 hours, by which time my meters had connected, as described above. I was told that I should have received an email, explaining things, when the IHD/CAD order was fulfilled. I never received the email, but the text was included in my reply from support, as follows....

    Hello there,

    We're emailing you as your new Glow Display should be arriving in the post soon.

    Once you receive the Glow Display you will need to power on the device and, in the first instance, connect it to your WiFi.

    To power the device, simply plug the power cable provided into the back and the screen will come on straight away. Once it is fully on, you will be presented with two circles. On the left is the status of the connection to your Smart Meter, on the right, the connection to your WiFi.

    If you click on the right hand circle, the IHD will start scanning for available networks. Select your network name when you see it, then enter the password, and press join. Once the device joins, the circle will turn green.

    After the Glow Display has successfully connected to the internet, it will ensure it is up to date with the latest software and it will then automatically connect to your smart meter. The timeframe for this can vary, so don't worry if nothing happens right away, it may take minutes, hours or the process can even happen overnight in some cases.

    The unit is designed to run on mains power, the batteries are for emergency use only and are mandated by government in case the unit is used for PrePayment.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the above, just reply to this email and we will do our best to help.

    The Hildebrand Team

    p.s. If you would like local MQTT publish this is now available:

    On the Display go to the Menu (tap on the three bars on the bottom centre of the screen) Metering=>MQTT and you will find the screen to enter the details of your broker - topic and so on. For further information please refer to and the Glowmarkt Forum.

  • I ordered a CAD three weeks ago. As with others on this thread, it connects to my WiFi withoug problem but has been attempting to connect to my smart meter for two weeks without success. The CAD is three feet from the meter! At least I'm getting data through the cloud but I would like to have the display working properly. I've e-mailed customer services but, based on others' experiences, I'm not hopeful...

  • Hello @kaimgreen - thanks for following our guidance and contacting support. We've received your email and support are dealing with your ticket (sent three minutes before your post here). Can I ask why you didn't contact us within the 24 hours we suggest if the device doesn't join the meters?

    As the COO here, I'm disappointed that you've written "I've e-mailed customer services but, based on others' experiences, I'm not hopeful..." - if you notice, there isn't anyone who has come back and said their issue wasn't dealt with but we can't deal with things we don't know about - we are good but not miracle workers.

    It is worth reminding everyone that we cannot provide support over the forum because most issues are specific to your meters - and therefore we have to know who you are.

    For the record, we score very highly on our customer service and get great feedback, hence feeling disappointed that this thread seems to make the assumption that we don't take care of issues like this when the smart meter won't accept the join instruction for various reasons which we are able to address 99% of the time - they are meter, WAN or range issues - not with our device.

  • To reassure anyone who lands on this thread - @kaimgreen's meters were successfully connected to his new Glow Display CAD within two hours of his reporting the problem to support.

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