CAD “Chatting to your Smart Meter”

What does this mean as is a stage on from Connecting to your Smart Meter?

Although connected for the majority of the time there are lapses when my CAD drops out, for varying periods of time (less than an hour and for many hours). It eventually reconnects but the gaps show in the Glow display and the Bright App. Strangely the Chameleon IHD remains connected during these periods.


  • I’d like to understand how all this works better as well.

    does the IHD just pull from my BG SmartMeter? What happens if that smart meter is off? Does it have to be on for the IHD to work?

    also my bright app and IHD give different readings. Do they both pull from the same source as this doesn’t make sense if they do. Or does bright app pull from my account somewhere and the IHD pulls from the in house smartmeter?

  • The Glowmarkt systems are all read-only. The read smart meter data and display it (or publish on local MQTT) and nothing more.

    If the smart meter is 'off' (which is unlikely) then the Glowmarkt IHD would get nothing.

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    Ok probably bad turn of phrase from me, does my British Gas Smart Display have to be on all the time ?

  • No, the IHD (In home display) is optional, if you don't find it useful then save yourself a couple of Watts and turn it off.

  • I’ve been running both the BG and the Glow IHDs side by side , more than anything to check they read the same, but wondered if Glow one was pulling ‘from’ the BG IHD. So looks like I’m good to move the BG one or power it off

  • Hello @groove - to confirm what others have said, the Glow CAD is communicating directly with your meters via the Comms Hub. We used the EUI off your original device purely to confirm that you were in the property, as part of our approved protocols as a regulated service.

    @chevaline - it sounds as though your device is dropping the meter connection from time to time. Are you able to get it closer to the Comms Hub?

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