Display smart meter time setting?

Good morning. I have just started using the Bright app with my Aclara smets2 meter. It seems to work just fine. But.... the main reason I have started using the app is that I want to display the time clock within the meter. It's an Aclara smets2 meter and the 100+ page technical manual confirms of course that the function exists but it's not displayable on the user menus. We had a 1 hour offset on the EV tariff with Octopus Energy when the clocks changed a few days ago. I think Octopus have now sorted it. But I want to monitor the meter time clock, I can't see in the Bright app how to display meter time clock? It seems an obvious thing to want to do. I am astonished it's not accessible at the meter. Any idea how to display meter time? Thanks.


  • Hi Ken - I don't think we explicitly show meter time. We technically can if the CAD is used, but I think we are typically using NTP from the CAD and Zigbee (HAN) time from the meter. If no time can be found, then we use time supplied by our servers.

    I think the best we could do is put this on a todo list and add it when we can.

  • Thank you very much for the comment.

    I cannot find meter time in the Bright app, in the Octopus app or on the actual meter. It's an astonishing oversight given that a great many people such as myself have different tariffs during the day and the night.

    The time synchronisation appears to have failed at the meter when the recent time change happened. It resulted in us charging BEV, running washing machine and dishwasher partly on the peak tariff. Luckily we are regularly keeping an eye on energy use and reported the issue to Octopus. Unfortunately it took about 5 attempts before anyone at Octopus believed what had happened. I think it's now sorted.

    Obviously, next spring we will be looking carefully to see if the off peak tariff is correct after the time changes to summer time. Not being able to view meter set time makes this more of a chore than it should be.

    Kindly add display meter set time to the development road map. Thank you.

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