How remove site

After moving home, I want to remove the old site. However, I cannot find a way to do this.

On the website, in "Managing meter data consent", I only see the new meters so I cannot revoke consent. The old ones show up with a red cross. In "Sites", I see old and new and can rename but not delete.


  • As you would expect, in a highly regulated environment that is secured through certificates on devices, doing a move when you have our CAD is a multi step process - 

    1 - we need to remove the association of our display to your old meters, when we've confirmed we've done so

    2 - you need to revoke our permission to access those meters

    3 - you set up the new property by going to Settings / Consent & meter management and tap on the '+' on the right and follow the steps

    One small proviso - your meter type would need to be the same (as in SMETS1 or SMETS2) as the certificates on our CAD are one or the other as appropriate. If the type is different, we can change the certs.

    First step - please contact us at support@

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