(re)connecting Glow Stick to internet

I can follow the instructions OK indeed I've had to reconnect several times in the past.

However, I'm struggling today. No problem with entering my home network credentials but when app asks me to connect t the sticks local network I'm having problems. I know the network's SSID and password but not sure of which security parameter to choose. All the ones I've tried seem to refuse me access and 'save' the attempt. And there seems no way to edit an attempt to use different security next time.


  • I'm still struggling !

    Jane has given me a link to some 'handy hints' but that list doesn't include what sort of security protocol the stick expects me to use. If no protocol is selected, it won't ask for a password at all so there's a choice between 'enhanced open' (which still doesn't need a password) , WEP , WPA/WPA2-Personal , WPA3-Personal , and several '-Enterprise' versions (which I'm guessing it won't be). Whichever of these I choose (I think I've now tried them all !) I'm allowed to set up a network connection but after a couple of attempts at authorising, the mobile just responds by marking it as a saved network but doesn't connect. There's an added complication that there seems to be another saved version of the stick's network that won't let me 'forget' it.

    Exactly the same things happen with a second smartphone and when I try a third one I get an error message from the app saying "This device cannot be used for setting up the WFi of a Glow product" but I really don't understand why that appears. Nor of course will the app let me use a PC or tablet to set things up.

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