Bright App v 0.3.18

Screen background changed from white to black a couple of days ago. No obvious way of changing it back ; I really don't like this change !

PC version still using a white background. No way to show version number : clicking on settings just renews home screen

Tried looking for a different version on 'Play Store' but it seems I have the latest version which was last updated on 5 Jul 2022. No doubt my change of screen background stems from this 'update'

In the "What's New" description it says :-

Enhancements to smart meter registration, minor bug fixes, including improvements to dark mode.

However, it doesn't say how to select or deselect dark mode !


  • I have tried to raise a support ticket but the support page doesn't seem to recognise my password and hasn't sent me a 'token' to allow me to 'change' it (back to the one I've always used !)

  • Thanks for emailing us directly at support Eric - always the most reliable. In case others read this post - we've just realised today that for some Android issues the dark mode enhancement has meant you can't get out of dark mode which wasn't intentional. We'll get that sorted next week when people are back at work.

    And the support page point - Eric is one of the few to have access to our web version of Bright - please don't try and contact support from there as that really isn't a supported environment. Thank you.

  • Hello.

    In anyone else having problems with using the BrightApp currently?

    I am unable to sign back in, just keeps spinning on the login button then I get an error.

    Also before i got logged out I was part of the way In the application and nothing was loading up.

  • Same for me, and nothing via MQTT either since about 0100.

  • Good morning all - we've just posted a new discussion in General - the team are investigating. The post has links to an article Josh wrote on Local MQTT which we now support for customers with our IHD/CAD if you want to tinker with that while we get the issue sorted out. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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