Hubitat Driver for Glow MQTT Feed

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Hey everyone,

I'm a user of the Hubitat platform and an occasional developer of drivers for various devices. Having used the Bright app for a while I jumped on the Glow IHD once I saw that local MQTT was supported, and I have not been disappointed!

For many years I've been monitoring electricity usage with an AlertMe Power Clamp, the white box you can see in this ancient Engadget article. After over a decade its accuracy seems to be drifting slightly, so being able to get comprehensive and accurate information directly from both the electricity and gas meters is fantastic.

I have written a driver for Hubitat which hooks up to the MQTT feed from your local broker and outputs the data in the correct manner for it to be used for automation on the platform. Power, cumulative usage, signal strength and link quality are all updated every 10 seconds (or as frequently as the IHD/CAD receives them) while less-frequently updated values (and anything from the gas meter) gets bumped every 10 minutes.

That link will take you to the thread on the Hubitat Community forum where you can find installation instructions.

Hope you find it useful!


  • Thanks Andy. Nice to see it working well for you.

  • Quick note that the driver now has limited support for cloud MQTT from Hildebrand's broker, meaning new starters don't need to contend with setting up a local broker from day one. It's a little against Hubitat's "local first" approach, but it lowers the barrier to entry which is a good thing in my book.

    Only supports power and energy from the electricity meter for now, but I'll sort out gas and the other readings as I get time.

  • Hi, I have this setup correctly I believe using the cloud MQTT but it doesn’t receive any data.

    Checking the Hubitat logs it’s coming back with

    Hildebrand glow :Parse Null

    Do you have any idea what the problem could be?


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